Cleaning Chimney With Caustic Soda In 3 Outstanding Steps

Cleaning Chimney With Caustic Soda
Cleaning Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys are now found in most home kitchens. It is mounted on the gas oven. As a result, hot cooking air, smoke, and vapors are absorbed directly through the chimney net and exit through the pipes inside. Many fans also have an exhaust fan. But this fan doesn’t do a very good job, the kitchen cabinets are all sticky. It is much more convenient to use a kitchen chimney than this.

But not only does it need to be used, it also needs to be cleaned occasionally. However, there is not much hard work or trouble. Before starting the method of cleaning chimney with caustic soda, I would like to inform you that you must clean the kitchen wall (on which the chimney is installed) regularly. During cooking, its smoke combines with water vapor in the air to form a sticky substance. This time it will be very difficult to clean the sticky oil stains.

First I say to clean the wall. The wall means the wall of tiles in front of the gas oven so that the oil spice can be easily cleaned during cooking. Mix liquid soap and a little lemon juice or a few drops of vinegar in lukewarm water and clean it with that water.

Now let’s talk about cleaning chimney with caustic soda. This method has three steps.
  1. First remove the net in the chimney and shake it well with a brush. You will see that the loose dirt stuck on the net will fall. Only sticky and oily dirt will remain.
  2. Pour hot water in a large steel container. Add a quarter of that water to baking soda. Now dip that chimney net in it for a while.
  3. Now put the net pot dipped in hot water on the gas and keep it boiling well. After a while, take it down and rub it well with a brush. This will keep your kitchen chimney net clean.

This is how to clean the kitchen chimney with your own hands. However, if you want, you can also contact the concerned chimney company. The staff will come and clean the chimney of your kitchen.

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